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Father Struggles With Household Chores, Relies on Parents for Washing and Ironing Clothes

In a show that might depict the overarching theme of the society, James Bunt, 29, a civil servant living in Bristol, struggles with common household chores such as making the bed, washing, and ironing clothes, among others. James Bunt is married to Esther and the couple who lives next to James’ parents has a daughter Primrose. Parents of James do a lot for their son and his family and their submission is part of the new series started by Channel 5 – The Secret Life Of The Family. It is a series along the lines of a big boss wherein a total of six families have been selected from the UK and their personal life is broadcasted to audiences 24/7. In order to bring the element of humor, a popular comedian Hugh Dennis has been roped by channel.

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