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Julia Caples Drinks Human Blood

Hearing about vampires in stories and fictional movies had always been quite exciting for all of us. What if you got to meet a real-life vampire obsessed person, in reality, sounds intriguing, isn’t it? Well, Julia Caples, 45, a mother of two from Pennsylvania, had been drinking live human blood for the past thirty years now.

Julia, who works as a care worker, informed that she is addicted to consuming nearly half-a-gallon of blood on a monthly basis. She finds donors at her local occult and oddities store, and they willingly allow her to drink their blood like fellow vampire fans.

The lady stated that she is hooked on the blood-drinking process as she feels that it makes her feel rejuvenated, young, energetic, and active. She cuts the donor with a sterilized knife and sucks the oozing blood. All the processes take place at her home.

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