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Melania Arrives Separately for Trump’s Address To Congress

Melania Trump chose to enter the Union address alone despite being the First Lady, thus breaking the long-established tradition. The officials of the Melania Administration told the press that since she had to accompany the White House guest of honor, she chose to come later. It was speculated that this was because of some issue between Melania and President Donald Trump. 

Both of them were not seen together after a report that came into existence that Trump bribed a porn star to not reveal anything about their affair. Former Presidents Barack Obama and George W Bush always arrived with their wives for the State Union Address gathering.  President Trump was previously seen arriving with Melania Trump. But this time Melania arrived separately and was welcomed with applause as she entered with few guests of honor. As soon as Trump appeared on the stage to deliver his speech she greeted him from far and waved and smiled back.  

Wang Lin

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