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Philip Hammond Urged to Reconsider Sneaky Hike on Probate Fees

Philip Hammond was requested to abort the idea to hike the probate fees. As per the new budget, there will be a rise in charges from £155 to £20,000 depending on the size of the estate. 

As of now, the families are paying the government £215 fee, or £155 if they apply it through a legal practitioner, to begin with, the probate process. It is reported that there will be a rise in the fees from the month of May. The range of these fees is supposed to be £300 to £20,000 which depends on its estate value.  

Based on percentage, there is a 40% rise in pricing. This rise in the price range will affect the middle class in a big way.  The complete budget document states that by the year 2022 the government will gain £350million from the probate fees. The fees here will be increased by £115million. 

Wang Lin

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