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Navinder Singh Sarao Accused of Making Contribution to Flash Crash

The trader of Hound of Hounslow, Navinder Singh Sarao has been held responsible for triggering “flash crash” in 2010.

Navinder Singh Sarao is wanted in America and is accused of making a contribution of £500bn to the flash crash. 

The US authorities claim that on the day of the crash, i.e., on May 6, 2010, Sarao made $875,000 which is a part of his illegal earnings. Lawyers have appealed in support of Sarao saying his actions cannot be attributed as a crime.

The court refused to take the argument into consideration and permit him to challenge the banishment order. Sarao is accused of indulging in commodity fraud, wire fraud, and spoofing.         

The leading expulsion lawyer Edward Grange stated that Sarao is now left with no space to appeal in the UK. 

Wang Lin

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