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Nude images of Melania Trump leaked online

In what could be termed as an important development, especially from the standpoint of politics, raunchy pictures of Melania Trump had been leaked online. Just so you know, Melania posed naked in a number of pictures for photographer Ale de Basseville around two decades back. The images surfaced online in 2016, and in a reaction, Donald Trump heaped praise on Melania for her professional attitude and commercial success. Commenting specifically about the leaked images, Mr. Trump said that these photographs had been taken before he knew Melania, and in European culture, these kinds of pictures were considered quite common and fashionable. Melania, born in Slovenian, posed nude for these pictures in 1995 after she had established herself as an international model. Melania also posed for the GQ (a British Magazine) at the time when she was known by the name Melania Knauss. 

Wang Lin

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