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Phoenix Hard-Fork Now Active on Ethereum Classic

The Ethereum Classic blockchain has successfully activated the Phoenix hard-fork at the block. Phoenix comprised the ETH features of Istanbul that brought ETH Classic and ETH use cases, tools, opportunities of collaboration for complete technical compatibility, and preserving their particular differences.

Phoenix marks the completion of the 3rd hard-fork within a year on the Ethereum Classic blockchain. The Agharta, Atlantis, and Phoenix hard-fork completed ETC-ETH, making way for valuable and more innovation to take place.

The majority of the network is onboard Phoenix with a snippet of hash, which is still on the old chain, but decreasing slowly. Most of the infrastructure, exchanges, and wallet providers are updated for Phoenix.

Users can secure their nodes after the Phoenix update. A lot of customers are dependent on the Parity Ethereum client, but now it is no longer operated by Parity Tech and has moved onto a project managed by the community. Just as Parity Ethereum client family, Multi-geth also don’t get any strong Ethereum Classic support. The user should opt to shift to Core-geth after securing their nodes. The Hyperledger Besu is the latest enterprise Ethereum Classic. But this holds the support and back up that is running soon.

Albert Arroyo

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