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Playboy’s Vintage Covers Studded with Diamonds for Simon Claridge’s Exhibition

Playboy has come up with a unique collection in its latest exhibition in the Playboy club in London’s Mayfair. This latest and ‘sparkly’ touch has been given by the Edinburg artist Simon Claridge, who has given a leash to his creativity in this edition. He has created sepia silkscreen portraits of icons like Marlyn Monroe, Kaya Christian, Eva Maria, etc. and added a dash of glitter derived from diamonds. The vintage covers of Playboy have been given a sparkling new twist with a recreation of the popular images from the 1970s and 80s. Claridge had gone through 700 editions and selected 6 images that have now become part of the limited edition screenprints. The dresses of the models have been redesigned with his signature diamond dust, which has made them all the more attractive. The exhibition features some of the most suggestive images of the popular magazine, which now shine bright like a diamond.

Wang Lin

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