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A Motley of Funny Snaps on Snapchat

Snapchat users have shared pictures of various funny moments, some even embarrassing tongue in the cheekbones, on the app. Many users have also shared them across Reddit and Imgur, which shows their willingness to share embarrassing and funny moments unabashedly. The images shared range from drinking soup in a plastic cup, which looks like a pint of drink, to someone driving across a zoo, with a giraffe right in front of the car where the snapchatter writes that he is stuck in a ‘giraffic jam.’ Another snapchatter has shared the picture of a couple where one of them is almost camouflaged from head to toe with the caption that ‘it is always sad to see someone eat alone.’ An image shows a dog waiting patiently behind a line of cuddly toys, for a treat from his owner, while another shows a dog looking intently at a pizza and the snapchatter wishes that someone looked at him in the same way.

Wang Lin

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