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Safari Park Takes a Major Step to Stop Poachers from Attacking the Rare Black Rhinos

The famous South African safari park, iSimgaliso Park is one of the parks that started taking the extreme steps to protect the rare black rhinos in the park. The park officials decided to rip off their horns with the help of a chainsaw. 

The World Heritage Site has come up with a new project to remove horns of the rare black rhinos and the white rhinos as well. The project aims to save the rhinos from poachers. In a few parts of Asia, the Rhino horns are costlier than gold. It gets sold for approximately £10,000-per-pound. 

This is further used as a remedy for curing a lot of diseases like hangovers and major diseases such as cancer too. The heaviest horn that has been weighed till now was 8lbs and if sold in the Asian black market the horn can fetch approx £80,000.  

Wang Lin

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