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Islamic Militants’ Extremities: Video of Hacking Prisoner’s Hand and Foot Goes Viral

A shocking video crossing all levels of cruelty carried out by the militants has gone viral. Islamic State militants are becoming more ferocious towards prisoners. The video shows the militants cut off the prisoner’s hand and foot while they are tied up to the cross.

The video shows a man wearing a Guantanamo-style jumpsuit hanging lifeless in the middle of the desert after the vicious attack. The video records the man confessing before the execution takes place. The militants believe that the man had to be killed brutally as he confessed that he is from Iraq and was spying on them. The film is titled as “Deterring the Spies 1” this proves that this is not the end, there will be further executions that will be recorded in the same manner. The video is precisely edited with hallmarks of the ISIS release that employs HD cameras and sound and visual effects similar to Hollywood movies.

Wang Lin

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