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Survey Reveals The Changes In Britain’s Eating Habits

With a change in the general food taste preferences of the British population, the sales of white bread reduced drastically. The white bread, which was once a staple part of the nation’s diet, was replaced with fiber-filled substitutes in big stores like M&S, causing a 75% reduction in sales. The shopper’s cut their expenses on the white bread by £40million every year.

The conclusions were drawn in comparison to a survey that was conducted in 1940 to study the country’s eating habits. Not just white bread but other popular food items which were predominantly people’s favorite earlier faced a downfall in sales. These included former favorites like Spam, tea, full-fat milk, cabbage, faggots, and cheap meat such as liver and kidneys.

People made a shift from these foods to modern edibles like pizza, pasta, frozen chips, curry, ready meals, and takeaways. Honey, yogurt, frozen breaded fish, etc. were also widely consumed by the people. 

Wang Lin

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