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Question Time Program Audience Jeers Respect MP

George Galloway, the controversial MP of the Respect Party in Britain, was booed and heckled on the latest edition of the popular television debate show, the Question Time. The program was organized in Finchley, which is inhibited by a majority of the Jewish population in the country.

The one-hour long political debate witnessed sharp comments and aggressive behavior of the crowd. Where some people yelled at him, saying that he is not welcome in London, others blamed him for aggravating anti-Semitism in Britain. He was even accused of supporting violent activities.

Later, George tweeted that the audience was similar to a hit squad. He added that David Dimbleby failed to manage the debate and switched questions. Finchley MP addressed BBC’s decision as ‘deliberately provocative’ to which BBC responded, saying that George is an MP and has a right to appear on the show.

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