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Violence Intensifies at the Greek Border as Migrants Continue Protests

Violent protests have erupted at the Greek border with Macedonia as migrant refugees have clashed with the police and refused to shift to organized shelters. Macedonia has declared that the border would remain closed for the migrants till the end of the year, but the latter have blocked 8 freight trains, demanding a reopening of the border. The police have, however, not made any arrests in the area. Several people are camped in inhumane conditions in the border village of Idomeni, although the number of migrants from Turkey to Greece has reduced as reported by the EU Commission. “Under an EU-Turkey agreement, Ankara is supposed to stop migrants arriving in Europe and take back all people from Greece who do not qualify for asylum.” For migrants to return, Greece has to pass a legislative change and declare Turkey a ‘safe’ country. The inaction on both sides has resulted in this humanitarian crisis.

Wang Lin

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