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TS Eliot’s Marriage Trauma Revealed

A set of previously unpublished letters that found mention in a new book by Faber & Faber depicted the truths about the married life of TS Eliot, the renowned writer from the 20th Century. The 800-page book was named The Letters of TS Eliot and was the sixth volume of the total set of 20 unplanned volumes.

In his letters, Eliot repented that the history of his 18-years long first marriage with wife Vivienne was a ‘hideous farce.’ He portrayed his innermost feelings in the correspondence picturizing the period of separation between the couple. Vivienne failed to believe that Eliot was ending their relationship, and also her mental health was worsening.

Eliot was compassionate towards his wife, which contradicted the theories that he treated her cruelly when she faced mental issues. All this was evident in the letters when Eliot paid duly for her treatment and was concerned about her well-being in his absence.

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