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Crazy Fan Gets In Shape For Justin Bieber

It is very often that we see people around the world doing crazy and interesting things for their favorite actors, singers, and personalities with a mere intention to grab their attention. Bryanna Debinder, 20, a hardcore fan of singing sensation Justin Bieber reduced a whopping 122 lbs in a year’s span to grab the attention of her favorite singer.

According to Bryanna, the prime reason for her weight loss was the immense love she had for Bieber. The lady got jealous of the slim girls who were pulled by Justin on stage during his concerts. She even felt hurt when Justin didn’t pay attention to her numerous tweets.

Bryanna is a psychology student who had an obsession with Justin. Her strong-willed dedication triggered her to bring down her weight from a 19-stone frame to a 10.5-stone frame. The woman kept herself updated with all the whereabouts of Justin overwhelmingly.

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