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Vikki Steele Braved the Odds; Underwent Surgery to Realize Her Dream

In what could possibly ignite a ray of hope among sick and ailing, Vikki Steele, a cheerleader, successfully underwent an operation to get rid of Scoliosis – a condition in which the spine of the person gets deformed. She was diagnosed with spine bending during her school days and X-ray revealed that her spine was deformed into an S-shape. Not losing heart, Vikki decided to go under the knife and it took a total of six and a half hours long surgery to get Vikki’s spine back in the desired shape.

During the operation, titanium rods were inserted to fuse the spine of the Vikki straight. The surgery was proved successful and now Vikki is thankful that because of the operation, she has been able to realize the dream of becoming a part of the cheerleader team of Southampton University where she studies. In some severe cases of scoliosis, the patient might face dire consequences, but luckily, in this case, Vikki successfully underwent surgery and now leading a life of her dreams.

Wang Lin

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