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What Is Check in Poker and How to Play to Win More?

Every game has fundamental rules and actions of gameplay that a player must remember. And in poker games, the players need to know how is poker played, rules for poker, poker strategy, and terms of action one finds on online poker sites.


In poker, there are five different actions a player can choose from. Once a dealer opens a betting round, the options poker players have are check, fold, bet, raising, re-raise, and check-raise. The showdown depends on the players’ ability to spot a loss and ways to cut the chance of risk.

What is Check in Poker?

Checking is an act of passing to another player before nobody places bets or calls for bids. A player checks when no one has bet yet and doesn’t want to lose any extra money. However, a check is not an option available preflop unless the player is in the big blind, and often someone places a bet. When the player has a decent hand, a common suggestion is to raise instead. Since raising a hand when others check leaves the player pot dedicated and makes the opponent a better hand, gamblers are advised to raise when they have an advantage of a strong hand; this strategy is called check-raise.  Another reason to check-raise is that the player gets to see the next card for free, allowing people to draw the hand’s value, for instance, “draw hand,” dependent on the position for right cards to hit. While playing poker games, the key strategy should be to appear confident and one of the major way to do that is to learn poker chip tricks. Poker Chip tricks are popular and many poker players are doing these tricks. It requires practice & concentration to understand effectively.

Brief Information About Fold, Bet, Call, Raise in Poker

The guide to poker how to play, different cases or events; example: Texas hold ‘em, the possibility of check, check-raise, folds, re-raise and check-raises, muck or drop of hands, bets placed or way of folding hands is listed in several poker pages or a majority of games website data with articles or article page listing content with fact, details, poker updates along with experience and comment on the course of play. The important part for players is to remember the point made and choose the term of action wisely.

There is a different order in every variant of a poker game that gamblers must follow. The players’ rights depend on site, ex: Five card poker, Community cards poker, Stud poker games, etc.

When to Fold, Bet, Call, Raise in Poker:

  • In Five-card Poker: Being the most basic form of poker, the player needs to place the bet before calling check or raise. And the players act in clockwise order along with the table; the betting rounds begin with the player left to the dealer, who opens. Until the bets are placed, players can check or raise if they don’t want to risk post-flop. Most of the time, players don’t check but raise, and if they have a strong poker hand, they call for a bet. It is easy to bluff a person in front when you have nothing, but they are weak and play a monster hand. The key to win is to draw flush or straight with two or three other players in the pot to earn additional.
  • In Hold ‘em Texas or Community Card Poker: Being the most popular form of poker and popular for tournaments, the player needs to keep in mind that there are four betting rounds, Further, the blinds and the dealer button determine the betting order. Begins with dealing five cards hand down, the bettor places a bet after the flop. After 4 community chips, the final river card is dealt. The player turn depends on blinds (big blind or small blind), and the account of winning depends on the number of playing hands.
  • In Stud Poker: A popular variation played in casinos, the order of poker is similar, features face-up cards and face-down cards, and played with five-card stud or seven-card stud. The betting opens after dealing the first two cards and continues after each card is dealt. The decisions to raise or fold are made after dealing the first two cards, and it is recommended to check or raise the bet based on how likely you will have the best hand.


The actions listed may seem easy to follow, but for successful gameplay the player needs to master them and make it a habit to use them skillfully in the game. Reasons may vary, but many players with years of experience do not fold or check quite as often as they should. For example, world-renowned Gus Hansen has once suggested, ‘though it may sound simple, do not focus on the pot size or having a limp hand or anything other than the game, have zero deviations preflop to gain big.’ Deciding what to do and when to do is the most important poker strategy. Raising too often makes you weak, and not raising at the right time may result in losing big. So, the player must use the right course of action to avail of maximum profit.

Xiang Han

Xiang Han is a journalist at CapitalBay.News and has hands-on experience in the poker industry. He frequently plays online poker games and serves as a tournament consultant for popular online poker rooms.

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