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When“Death Star” Black Orb Crashed into a Spanish Field

A strange black orb, resembling the Star Wars torture device, IT-O Interrogator, was found by Spanish goat farmers in Calasparra, Murcia, in 2015. The area was quarantined, but the mysterious ball was found not to be dangerously radioactive. 

El Pais, a local news site, reported that independent researchers have speculated that the orb could be a pressurized gas vessel that hit the ground from space. To some locals, it was heaven-sent.

The Civil Guard confirmed that the peculiar-looking sphere was an aerospace artefact that might have fallen to Earth from a satellite or a rocket. Another orb fell from the sky a few days later. Both the objects were hauled away for further analysis. 

The Spanish village is not the first area to experience a phenomenon of this kind. Similar objects from space were previously discovered in Australia and Brazil.

Wang Lin

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