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WINk and JUST Announce Collaboration for DeFi Development

Online gaming network WINk and financial infrastructure platform JUST have announced strategic cooperation for the development of decentralized finance. In the official tweet, JUST said that they will share DeFi development in online blockchain entertainment, while WINk tweeted that the strategic cooperation will be the future of new finance and decentralized entertainment.

WINk and JUST are both established on TRON’s TRC20 token protocol, which makes the announcement quite important for the TRON ecosystem. In his tweet on Tuesday, TRON founder and CEO Justin Sun claimed that WINk is the world’s 1st trustless, permissionless, and high-performance e-gaming platform.

Blockchain-based online gaming is one of the fastest-growing segments in the decentralized entertainment industry. Therefore, the two platforms joining hands is a piece of great news for their respective community members. JUST is focused on building a global decentralized financial infrastructure, pushing financial independence for people around the world. The users can enter the platform’s governance by holding USDJ, the network’s stablecoin apart from the JST token.

On the other hand, WINk is pioneering the online entertainment segment by offering blockchain games on its platform. For 2020, WINk is set to launch a new UI, loyalty and reward system, and adding new gambling licenses. While the blockchain gaming industry itself is on a record high, the future of WINk looks promising because of the strong partnerships and decisions it has made.

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