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Woman Marries Her Mother’s Best Friend in a Lesbian Wedding

Elizabeth Manning married her mother’s best friend Elaine Phillips. It was further noted that Elizabeth’s mother, Simone fell in love with Elaine’s ex-husband, Gary Butterworth. Elizabeth and Ms. Philips think that they have a beautiful connection and they feel blessed to be able to be together with each other.

Each one of them was immensely happy after Elizabeth and Ms. Phillip got married. The happiness couldn’t last long and they had to witness Mr. Butterworth die due to a stroke in February. After her husband passed, Simone was comforted by her daughter and Ms. Phillipe who lives nearby. 

Elizabeth began to date Ms.Phillip three months after she met her as her other best friend. Initially, Elizabeth was in doubt about how to tell about her being gay to her mother, but her mother’s reaction was priceless and she said that she was proud of her. 

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