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A Brand New Lab Planning & Processing Division Unveiled by Hybrid Tech

Hybrid Tech is a highly professional cannabis and hemp engineering firm. The company boasts of more than 160 completed cultivation and processing facilities spread across the US and Canada. Through their Twitter handle, they have just announced that they have launched a new Lab Planning & Processing Division that will be led by none other than John MacKay, a scientific expert of international repute. 

The cannabis testing labs are much in demand in the US now, and this demand has led to the setting up of the new Lab Processing division. A complex supply chain exists between cultivators, manufacturers, retailers, and the lab testing procedures that ought to take place. The entire operation consists of multiple stages like grinding, manufacturing, packing, and the labs involved in each step to ensure that it is a safe product. The Lab Planning division is, therefore, entrusted with the job of designing and implementing equipment or bringing about modifications to increase the efficiency in the testing labs. 

The new division that has been launched by Hybrid Tech has the best minds in the industry from PhD chemists to engineers, creating a multi-disciplinary team. The team will help Hybrid Tech to offer a holistic approach to the complex systems. Hybrid Tech has years of industry experience, and this will help them provide innovative solutions for all complex problems related to the cannabis and hemp industry.

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