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A Mother’s Obsession with Tanning Leads to Scars Yet Insists to Use Sunbeds

Looking good often becomes an obsession with young women, leading to irreparable health damage for many. One such woman is 26 years old Chantelle Tolson from West Yorkshire, who wanted to get the tanned look even at the cost of her health. She injected herself with an overdose of tanning solution, which has caused irrevocable damage to her skin. She developed an obsession with tanning and adding color to her skin and decided to try tanning injections on her friend’s recommendation. After she injected more than a hundred times, she experienced painful cramps in the stomach and later eruptions of abscesses ‘full of pus, scars, and dying skin’. After her stomach, she injected her bottoms where the skin started turning black, a sign of dying skin. She still insists on using sunbeds, although she would not let her daughter use these ever.

Wang Lin

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