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Gay Couple Divorce to Include Third Man in Relationship

A unique relationship has emerged among three homosexual men in Canada, who soon wish to start a family. Of the three, two were married to each other, Adam Grant, 27, Shayne Curran, 29, in 2011, but filed divorce just after a year. The reason being they wanted to include a third man in the relationship, which was not possible as being married to more than one person is illegal in Canada. The couple had met Sebastian Tran in a nightclub and felt the three complimented each other’s personality very well. The couple, who are part of the medical profession, have sought legal help to keep all the three committed to the relationship on equal terms, although none of them have any history of polyamorous relationships. The trio has family planning on their minds with the help of Shayne and Sebastian’s sisters, who would donate eggs and act as surrogates.

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