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Bini the Bunny can comb hairs with his mouth

The online sensation, Bini the Bunny, is breaking the internet. The fluffy has won over many fans owing to his multi-talented capabilities such as playing sports, painting, and special taste in dresses. Adding further to this list, Bini has now shown another talent in the field of the makeover. In the latest video, Bini can be seen combing the hair of Shai Asor (his owner), thereby helping him to get ready for the work. The bunny had got the comb in his mouth and was seen dressing the hairs of his owner. Just so you know, Shai got the Bini in 2012 and later moved to Los Angeles in 2016. He trained Bini on a number of different aspects and enthused by his learning capabilities; Shai trained him in the combing process.

Wang Lin

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