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Child Protection System Comes Under Scrutiny After the Murder of an Eight Years Old Boy in Australia

In a tragic incident of an eight years old boy’s murder, the Government of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has started an investigation into the matter. Criminal proceedings have been initiated against the Graham Stuart Dillon, who is accused of murdering his eight years old son Bradyn. Dillon is also accused of assaulting his daughter, who is aged ten years old.

The Attorney General has taken a very strong stand on the incident and stressed the need to have proper coordination between different law enforcement agencies in order to provide a safe and secure environment for children. In addition to this specific case investigation, the government will also conduct an external evaluation in order to assess the level of coordination between agencies working under the jurisdiction of ACT and outside its purview. Dillon, in addition to being accused of murdering his son, is also facing trial in case of assaulting his daughter on multiple occasions.

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