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Drug Production In-Process for COVID-19; Scientist Pace Up Research!

Since we are witnessing a hard time due to virus spread, the frontline workers are working hard to stabilize the conditions. Meanwhile, there is a global push seen for the production and development of the coronavirus vaccine, which marks the beginning of economic activities post lockdown period. The human trials for these vaccines are under process. There are approximately 130 vaccines that are under development, and many drugs are also being examined. There are still cases rising every day, and the world is desperately working to fight against the virus spread. The article here further talks about the latest updates regarding the production of vaccines and drugs along with different ways to fight against the virus spread and how to keep yourself healthy.

The Launch of Coronil; A Patanjali Initiative

Recently, Baba Ramdev came up with the launch of the very first Ayurvedic medicine, “Coronil,” for the treatment COVID-19. The CEO of Patanjali, Acharya Balkrishna, claims that the patients who have consumed this, have shown successful recovery and have also experienced the decrease of virus load in their bodies. This medicine comprises of herbs and ashwagandha, which claims of a 100% recovery rate. Talking about the medicine Balkrishna stated,

Balkrishna stated

Moderna Assures 80% Successful Recovery

An American pharmaceutical company Moderna Inc produced a vaccine sample, which as of now, running ahead in the race of the production and development of a vaccine or drug. Moderna is prepared, to begin with, its 3rd phase trials in July, the drug will be tested on 30,000 patients. The CEO of Moderna, Stephane Bancel, stated that he is quite assured that the vaccine will get approved by the FDA. he further quoted,

Stephane Bancel said
A Vaccine From Thailand Joins the Race

There is yet another vaccine in this race of production and development in Thailand. As per the recent development reports, the scientists of Thailand managed to produce a second dose of their sample vaccination, which was tested on monkeys. They are still hoping for a positive response in these unprecedented times. Till now, the vaccine was tested on 13 monkeys to immunize them, which will be observed for the coming two weeks. The clinical trials have shown positive results, and the researchers are willing to start the human trials in the coming 2-3 months.

A Chinese Firm Gets Approval for Clinical Human Trial

From being the very first country to be affected by the pandemic, China is now heading towards the production and development of a vaccine and a drug to combat the virus spread. Currently, there are approximately six vaccines, all together that are tested and produced in six different labs. As of now, three vaccines have begun with its clinical trial, and have shown positive results to some extent. The medical experts from China are hoping to see a vaccine from China being quickly available in the market by the end of 2020.

Pharmaceutical Giant Sanofi Hopes for an Approval by 2021

A well-known pharmaceutical organization, Sanofi, who is a leading producer of vaccine, is currently looking forward to getting the vaccine model approved by the year 2021. Sanofi is collaborating with GlaxoSmithKline; a British pharmaceutical giant is working on the development of the vaccine. CEO os Sanofi believes that the vaccine produced by them will have the highest recovery than any other vaccine. Currently, Sanofi is working on the production of two vaccine prototypes. One made by GSK and the other one by mRNA technology, which boosts efficacy.

Its been six months since the world has been fighting with COVID-19. The frontline workers are leaving no stone unturned to fight the battle against the virus spread. There are so many researchers trying to come up with the best possible drug or vaccine that can save lives and help us overcome these unprecedented times. As of now, we will all have to wait for the medical trials to be successful.

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