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Embarrassing Slogans make the Posts Viral

It seems that many people are unaware of the punch lines written on their garments. EthanTovey, an Imgur user, has come up with the compilation of such mishaps, and his post has become viral on social media. There are a number of references given in the post with people ranging in all brackets of years who are caught unaware of their mistakes of wearing garments with cringeworthy slogans. Some of the slogans written on clothes are mildly offensive while others are worthy of sharp rebuke. It can be easily estimated from the expression of the wearers that they might not be aware of what is written on their clothes, and that could be due to their inability to understand the English language. The post has been getting a tremendous response from the viewers as it has a combination of humorous elements along with the social message.

Wang Lin

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