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Stunning images of bacteria will leave you spellbound

Be ready to get stunned by the breathtaking images showcasing the growing bacteria from human skin, mouth, and even feces painted by scientists.

Microbiologists from all over the globe portrayed the artwork. All the breathtaking paintings were showcased at the competition, namely Agar Art Challenge. The competition has emerged as one of its kind that was organized by the American Society for Microbiology.

At the event, Microbiologists placed various types of germs with proteins into the petri dishes. In the images, you will notice that scientists allowed the microbes to react and spread across in stunningly sketched shapes.

There were designs that left many in awe. It included micro minions, American flag, neurons, etc.

Meanwhile, entries were sent to ASM’s official Facebook page, and the top three submissions were selected by society’s members and artists. Additionally, the fourth prize, known as People’s Choice, was selected on the basis of the number of likes that the image received.

Wang Lin

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