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Find out if you have also become the victim of the Mandela effect

People do remember some of the famous characters for a long time. It may include Pikachu to Looney Tunes. And, the good thing about them is that people can immediately recognize them all across the globe. However, the main question here is how closely you recall the minute details of these popular images?

A discomforting test will examine whether you have become the victim of the Mandela effect.

The Mandela effect can be described as a unique tendency in which a large number of people recall something in a specific way, but are incorrect.

The name was established by a renowned paranormal enthusiast. Fiona Broome was sure that she recalled Nelson Mandela dying while he continued in prison in the 1980s. But Mandela’s death actually happened in 2013, despite Broome’s claim that she and some others had seen Mandela’s funeral on the TV in the 1980s.

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