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An alert woman rang 911 soon after spotting missing California mom Sherri

Recently, a woman who looked like missing California mom Sherri Papini was seen appearing fearful inside a blue pick-up truck with two males near a truck stop. The incident took place only two days before Papini was thrown at a freeway after three weeks of confinement.

The sole witness Christine Everson voiced her concern over the women’s security soon after spotting her at the Travel Center stop at the borders of Redding, California, around 7 pm.

When Everson sought to talk to the woman, she appeared to be frightened and hesitant. Everson immediately rang 911 and reported the sighting.

As of now, it is not certain if the police took the lead from her tip, and Christine also confessed that she is not 100 percent sure if it was Sherri or someone else. If it happened to be Sherri, she might be only 15 minutes away from her family.

Wang Lin

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