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How Yoga Can Help Us to Fight COVID-19 Better?

It is a well-accepted and scientifically proven fact that yoga is immensely beneficial for the practitioner’s physical and mental health. Scientific evidence and empirical studies have established the fact that practicing yoga will rejuvenate the practitioner by infusing a fresh lease of life. The regular practice of yoga can make people free from even life-threatening diseases such as heart attack, colitis, diabetes, and many more.

What is Yoga?

Yoga literally means union, and a seasoned practitioner of yoga tries to get his body and mind in unison with nature. Practicing and excelling at the technique of yoga takes time, and many of the practitioners devote their whole life to skillfully master the seemingly insignificant nuances of this ancient practice. You can easily estimate the benefit of yoga from the fact that yoga has a healing power that goes beyond the physical dimensions. Many of the psychological and mental illness problems can be cured by yoga. This makes the ancient technique quite powerful for the holistic well-being of society.

Benefits of Yoga

There are a number of ways through which yoga can help you to attain your health goals. One of the primary benefits associated with yoga is increasing the flexibility of the body. Flexibility in the body will help loosen strangled parts, which, in turn, are helpful in removing the pain and aches in the body. Yoga has also proved to be very beneficial for building muscle strength. This increase in strength is an incredible weapon against some of the commonly seen issues among masses, such as back pain, knee pain, and arthritis. The closely associated benefit of yoga is to protect your spine as regular practicing of yoga will help you to keep your disks in place. People who are regular practitioners of yoga also know that this practice increases the blood flow in the body. The blood flow will increase the oxygen-carrying capacity, and as a result, practitioners feel energetic throughout the day.

COVID-19 and Yoga

In the currently ongoing coronavirus pandemic situation, practicing yoga can help us to boost our immunity significantly. Some of the breathing techniques used in yoga can make our lungs stronger and help us develop better immunity to take on the viral infection, including COVID-19.

In addition, the regular practice of yoga will also help us to maintain our digestive system strong. This will help us in digesting our food properly, which means the body will be able to absorb all the nutrients from the diet it takes. The regular practice of yoga also produces antibodies in our system, which acts as a defense against any kind of viral infection. In sum, some specific breathing exercises practiced in yoga are very much helpful in maintaining our immunity, and keeping it is good condition.


Practicing yoga is a good habit, and its importance in the backdrop of COVID-19 has increased significantly. Despite our busy schedule, it is very much contingent on us that we must take some time out to practice yoga as this ancient way of life is immensely beneficial for our physical as well as mental health. At the time when the whole world is grappling with coronavirus pandemic, adopting ancient yoga practices is a right and healthy move that you should make in the interest of your own well-being.

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