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Mask, Coronavirus, and Prolonged Confusion

It has been more than a trimester since when the world has been battling the horrific illness Covid-19. Experts are still looking for a permanent solution, but it seems, consistent precautions are the only option we have for now.

One of the solutions here includes the use of masks. However, it has created quite a bit of confusion, especially among laymen. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently cleared the confusion as it published a guideline indicating when, where, and who should wear a mask with certainty.

The WHO has recommended the use of masks in order to control the outbreak of the virus. The guideline needs to be followed, especially where social distancing is difficult to apply and at the venues where confined or crowded environments become inevitable. This confusion regarding mask is also owing to mass’ mixed sentiment for the disease.

While a small chunk of citizens is still in utmost fear and less in awareness, a few people are becoming less cautious these days amid an easing lockdown. As common people have started to step out of their doors after a really long time, wearing masks should be mandatory. WHO helps us here to get clear about exactly in which situations we are supposed to wear masks.

WHO has come up with a video where it differentiates between surgical masks as in medical masks and the fabric masks as in non-medical masks. Firstly, let us go through the medical masks.

Medical masks/ Surgical masks:

This type of masks is not essential for absolutely everyone. Only those who have come into direct contact with Covid-19 patients (doctors, para-medical staff, etc.) are supposed to wear the surgical masks. Also, those who have symptoms of Coronavirus, health workers, and those who take care of the patients need to wear the mask.

Moreover, it is suggested that people who are aged 60 years old or above should wear this mask along with those who have underlying health conditions. Notably, these types of citizens are easy targets of Coronavirus due to low immunity.

It is important to note that these masks should be thrown in the dustbin if at all, it gets damp or dusty. A few weeks ago, updates were making rounds that surgical masks are under scarcity, which apparently has sorted out by now.

Fabric Masks/ Non-surgical masks: 

These are the masks that are totally meant to wear by common people who are asymptomatic and generally healthy. It is supposed to be worn by almost everyone in the most widespread manner. Especially places where 1-meter distance cannot be maintained between two people, it is essential to wear in order to remain safe against the virus.

Additionally, professionals who have to work in a crowded environment and are in public dealing sectors, such as social workers, cashiers, and service providers at hotels, grocery stores, etc., are advised to wear the fabric mask without fail. However, if the fabric mask has not been soiled, one can reuse it after a thorough wash.

WHO has been in the news time and again since when the virus has started affecting the world. Recently, US precedent had criticized WHO amid the pandemic became uncontrollably devastating. The precedent Trump also had announced a decision to end the US’ relationship with the WHO.

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