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Increase in Demand for Cannabis during ongoing COVID-19 Lockdown: UN Report

The United Nations released the World Drug Report 2020 this week. The drug report talks about how the legalization of cannabis is doing rounds in the jurisdictions of North and South America. Along with that, the report also throws light on how the pandemic has affected the cannabis trade.

Since the virus outbreak has led to the implementation of social distancing worldwide, followed by the lockdown, the reports suggest that due to this, there is an excessive demand for cannabis in the market. Europe has experienced an increasing demand for cannabis after the lockdown period started due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The report stated,

The report stated

Well, talking about the consumption of cannabis worldwide, it is stated that it is one of the most common drugs used across the globe. According to the statistics of 2018, there were approximately 192M consumers of drugs in total. According to the report, drug consumption is increasing in countries where cannabis is legal. But legalization is not the reason behind the increase in demand for cannabis. The situation was quite similar even when the non-medical use of cannabis was not legalized.

According to the reports, Cannabis seizures are declining after implementing legalization. So basically, the report states that the strategies that were planned to make a liberal cannabis market has been a major factor for the decline in the seizure. The report states that regular monitoring of safety and public health and checking up on criminal justice can help us better understand how the legalization process is working. The primary concern is to focus on the use of vapes, edibles containing high THC levels.

On the other hand, emphasizing on the medical side, the report states,

the medical side

At the end of the report, it stated that the revenue and profit talk about the non-medical cannabis industry instead of talking about public health considerations.

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