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Lee Li Ming of Bento Monsters makes ‘Out of the Box’ Lunch for her Children

A mother of two from Singapore, Lee Li Ming, makes interesting creations with food for her kid’s lunch. She started this practice when her son used to miss her in the nursery. She made innovative creations from food so that her kids are delighted at opening their lunch boxes and do not miss their mother. She has started her own website and blog, where she shows how to make bento creations, and the things required has 185,000 followers on Instagram. Lee has also come out with a Bento Artistry book, which has different recipes according to the everyday demands of her children. She generally makes things or characters that would delight her children, like minions and teddy bears from spaghetti, penguins made from rice, sashimi pieces made to look like piglets, sushi star wars, etc.. The sumptuous yet creative lunches make her children feel her presence and have inspired many.

Wang Lin

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