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Lesbian Health Expert Launches Innovative Sex Toy

Hailing from Boston, a reproductive health expert, Stephanie Berman, designed a unique sex toy that had the potential to work as an at-home artificial insemination device. The lady gave an interesting name ‘Semenette’ to her discovery and was launched for a cost price of $139.99.

While talking to a news portal, Stephanie told that she was exploring multiple ways to get her wife to conceive a child without going through traditional practices involving a ‘turkey baster or a needleless syringe.’ Semenette is based on the technological principle of a turkey baster, but it can also be used to give pleasure with at-home convenience. Stephanie used Semenette to conceive her one-year old daughter, Isabella.

Stephannie and her wife Kiersten Marie were praised for their product from all sectors of the population. The lesbian couple’s sex toy was widely used by transgender, transsexual, and heterosexual couples, and men with erectile dysfunction.

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