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List Unveils 25 Hottest Intimate Television Scenes of 2015

A list was released for the public, which highlighted the twenty-five most sensuous scenes shown on the television in 2015. The first spot was grabbed by the intimate scene pictured between Jessica Jones and Luke Cage in the Jessica Jones series.

At the second spot were Cosima and Shay from Orphan Black, while the third rank was held strong by the sensuous love-making scene between Claire and Jaime from Outlander. The romantic picturization of intense love between Kevin and Patrick from Looking series shined as the fourth hottest sex scene on television.

The romantic scene featuring Mary Jane and Cutty Buddy of the Being Mary Jane series fell at the fifth spot on the list. The last spot in the list mentioning the 25 hottest television sex scenes in 2015 was given to Claire and Frank from the House of Cards. 

Wang Lin

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