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Most Adulterous cities in the UK

While most people know Tunbridge Wells for its chic shops and Georgian terraces, the town has also got a dubious distinction of being the most adulterous town in the UK. The information was revealed by one of the dating websites which trace the location of cheating partners. According to the results, Tunbridge Wells town has come out on top with 2.20% of its total population found to have an affair. At another extreme end of the spectrum, the survey found that the people of Barry, Wales, are the most faithful ones as the percentage having an affair is found to be only 0.18. In the list, Guildford, one of the most affluent towns, came out second, with 2.1% of people having an affair outside their existing relationships. The survey shows that most affluent towns of the UK rank high on the infidelity index.

Wang Lin

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