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Miley Cyrus to Make New Funding Commitments for Black Lives Matter Campaign

Asks State Heads of Italy and Spain to Join In

American pop singer and superstar Miley Cyrus will make new commitments for the Black Lives Matter Campaign on June 27, she said in a tweet on Sunday. Interestingly, she has asked Giuseppe Conte, the President of Italy, to join in.

The Black Lives Matter Campaign has been in the headlines ever since the horrific murder of George Floyd. It triggered nationwide protests against police brutalities against the African-American community, which took the world by storm. Celebrities from various walks of life, right from Hollywood to Bollywood, WWE to the UFC, podcast hosts to scientists, have all come together in support of the campaign.

Miley Cyrus Has Been on the Forefront

The Hannah Montana star tagged President Conte in a tweet on Saturday, asking him to join the fight against the disproportionate impact of COVID19 on marginalized communities, especially the communities of color. In reply to her tweet, President Conte agreed to stand in solidarity, stating that Italy has been ensuring equitable and universal access to vaccines and treatments.

Likewise, she made a similar request to the Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchéz, to which he replied saying,


The #GlobalGoalUnite is a campaign to collect funds to help the marginalized communities in their fight and resistance against racism and COVID19.

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