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Simon Cowell Breaks his Back; Undergoes a Surgery

Simon Cowell rushed to the hospital and has to undergo surgery after breaking his back. Cowell met with an accident on Saturday while riding his electric bike at his Malibu residence.

Talking about his current condition, his representative stated,

Cowell representative stated

Simon was expected to return to America’s Got Talent as a judge for the episode to be aired on Tuesday, August 11, 2020. Now that he has undergone surgery, he is unlikely to return to work anytime soon. Cowell has nearly spent a year getting in shape after a significant health fright last year in December.

According to the source,

According to the source

Cowell has undergone a surgery overnight, and he is doing fine as of now, he has expressed gratitude to the medical staff who have been taking care of him so well, talking about the accident, he tweeted,

He has also thanked his fans for showering love and wishes in abundance for his speedy recovery. It is still unclear what kind of back injury Simon is facing; it can be a fracture or a spine break, which means breaking a vertebra that protects the spinal cord.

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