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New Survey Highlights Strengthening Need for Cyber Security

A new survey report highlights the idea of strengthening cybersecurity which is a key strategy that helps to boost the profits of the businesses. Approximately 95% of leaders of the business market are aware of the threats related to cyber-attacks and how important it is to be aware of the cybersecurity training. Around 40% of people think that the basic education of the cybersecurity is sufficient to have an idea about cyber attacks. There is almost just 26% who have a strong cybersecurity plan.

Ever since the lockdown has been incorporated, a lot of businesses are working remotely as of now, which has raised a lot of questions regarding cybersecurity. A survey report, EY CEO Imperative Study states that cybersecurity is currently one of the major concerns for businesses.

The UK has again become vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks and now it is something that is a matter of concern for a lot of business organizations. There are just half of the business leaders who are ready with a plan to overcome the digital threats they are facing currently.  

Esme Learning Solution, which is a well known online cybersecurity platform conducted a survey of over 750 business leaders focused on finding what can be done to manage these cyber threats. Esme Learning Solutions is collaborating with SaÏd Business School for the development of the Oxford Cyber Futures program.

David Shrier, the Managing Director of Esme Learning Solution, quoted,

David Shrier quoted

Esme Learning assists executives and professionals to encourage them with the idea of AI-enabled future. It encourages its clients to change perspectives with the growing technology.

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