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Physical Fitness and Mental Health: Finding the Right Balance

Physical fitness has become an important dimension of life. Not only celebrities and well-known personalities are increasingly becoming aware of physical fitness, but common people are also waking up to the fact that being fit is equivalent to a prosperous life. After all, you can’t enjoy your life if you are suffering from diseases or ailments.

Fitness and Mental Health 

Physical fitness has become a sort of obsession today. Enthusiasts are going the extra mile to have a fit body, and their longing for an enviable physique is quite admirable. However, one surprising thing in this whole fitness rage is the lack of attention to mental health. Despite the fact that there is a significant relationship between mental health and physical health, people usually tend to forget mental health while putting all the focus on physical health. The obsession with physical health sometimes leads to a situation where our mental health comes under stress because of excessive physical workout.

An optimal intensity workout is fine, and it is also good for the person’s overall mental health. However, the excessive focus on the physicality could impact the psychology of the person in a negative manner. For instance, take the use of supplements and steroids that many people take during their workout regime. Without considering the dangerous impact of these substances, it is absolutely wrong to take these commercially produced additives and making them part of your life. Not only are these dangerous for the various organs of the body, but they also have a negative impact on the mental health of the person.

Mental Health: Still a Dogma

Another critical issue associated with mental health is the dogma associated with this issue. People still attach a stigma to mental health issues and find it embarrassing to talk about the psychological problem. It is important to notice that anybody can have some issues with their mental health and like physical problems; we have psychiatrists, medicines, and other allied procedures to take care of mental illnesses. There is nothing to be ashamed about the mental issues, and in fact, one has to address the problem as soon as it is discovered. Early detection and taking remedial measures are absolutely essential to overcoming mental health issues effectively.


There is nothing wrong with being aware of physical fitness, but as they say, excess of anything is bad – the same is applicable for physical fitness too. In order to live a holistic life, it is important to consider both the physical and mental aspects of well-being. Instead of relying on artificial supplements, taking whole-grain foods will help your body derive nutrients from the regular diet, thereby dismissing any external supplements requirement. You can also adopt yoga practices as this ancient technique is quite powerful in achieving both physical and mental well-being. Remember, both physical and psychological aspects of your well-being are equally important, and it is not a wise decision to gain one at the altar of another.

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