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Rare Beauty – Selena Gomez’s Makeup Brand Will Launch Next Month

Early February, Selena Gomez surprised her fans with the announcement that she is going to start her own cosmetics company. Selena just revealed that the much-anticipated makeup brand, Rare Beauty, will be launched on September 3.

Launch Date Announced for Rare Beauty

Selena revealed the details in a video that she shared on the Instagram feed of Rare Beauty. She expressed her excitement about the launch that will take place only at @SephoraMx, @Sephora, RareBeauty.com, and @SephoraCanada.

Selena said that she had a lot of fun creating the cosmetic products and cannot wait to see everyone trying them out. She also mentioned that she hopes that people will love them as much as she does.

Reasons Behind Creation of This Brand

In the video, she explained more about the primary reason behind creating this brand, which took almost 2 years to develop. Selena said that we live in a time when makeup, face, and how we look is so important, exciting, and fun. However, it can be somewhat dangerous, too, at times, she added.

So, with this brand, Selena wants everyone to feel that makeup is actually something that they can enjoy. People should not feel that makeup is something that they require. She feels that is how she is, someone who is very authentic and real with her fans. She added that anyone could feel beautiful just how they are.

Rare Beauty Products Help People Embrace Individuality

Selena also mentioned details about how her products will hopefully assist everyone embrace their own imperfections and individuality. She believes that there is a lot of beauty hidden in imperfections, and Selena hopes that her products will help people see that.

She expects people to stop comparing themselves with others and embrace who they actually are.

Social Initiatives

Rare Impact Fund (RIF) is a social initiative already launched by Rare Beauty. This initiative aims to raise 100 million dollars in the next ten years to provide mental health services to people of underserved communities.

In addition, 1% of the sales will be donated to RIF so that necessary support can be provided to people suffering from mental health problems.

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