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Siberia’s Yakut Horses Beat The Cold Happily

Being one of the most frozen places on this planet, Siberia is certainly not for the weak-hearted. The nerve-crumbling temperature of -50 degrees can make any living being crave for life. Interestingly, one species survives the harsh Siberian weather with happiness. We are talking about the Yakut horses who love to run around in the frozen wastelands.

These horses can live and graze for the entire year without getting affected by the chilly weather, which apparently is colder than the North Pole. Yakut horses are a beautiful breed growing around 150cm in height. They are quite similar to Shetland ponies and have thick manes and heavy, cozy hair coats. 

Yakut horses are very popular for their wide industrial scope. The animals are harnessed for their meat and milk while their lustrous warm coats are used for making warm clothes.

Wang Lin

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