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War of Ants PvP Game Joins Enjin Multiverse Ecosystem

Taking pride as the world’s first blockchain gaming multiverse, Enjin Multiverse has announced the launch of the War of Ants as an official adopter on its network. The world-class game is a real-time PvP blockchain game where players compete in an intense experience by waging war against colonies. The news was officially announced for the blockchain game lovers through Twitter posts by the Enjin team as well as the War of Ants portal.

The collaboration of the War of Ants network with Enjin Multiverse will help the players create tokenized assets pegged by Enjin Coin (ENJ). This will give complete ownership status of the ant troops and squadrons to the users as they compete. They will be able to trade and sell them without any difficulty or complexity.

In its blog post, the War of Ants community has shared its happiness to be a part of the immensely popular Enjin Multiverse and sees it as an opportunity to take advantage of the potential benefits which the platform can offer. Enjin enriches the players with a robust interface offering interoperability allowing users to use their items and characters in multiple gaming environments.

All the Enjin-based assets earned or bought by the gamers in the War of Ants will not be stored on the game’s servers but will be kept securely in their private and safe Enjin Wallets- the inventory of the blockchain game. This will help the users to enjoy hassle-free trading or gifting of items between the players. The Enjin Marketplace or any decentralized digital trading portal can assure good returns for the players.

War of Ants is a popular PvP mobile strategy game that gives a war-like experience to the users. The rustic ambiance of the game adds-on to the beauty of the game. Players need to have a ticket to start a battle with another player. The ticket is claimed as a daily reward or purchased directly from the in-game market using an in-game resource, scrap-bits. The victorious team catches hold of the chest placed at the heart of the battlefield at takes it in honor of the queen. The Colony Mode allows players to tend to scale up their base, which ensures that the ants continue to labor upon return and create the home base.

Both the platforms aspire to strengthen their individual ecosystems by developing continuously with each other’s support. March of Ants is gearing up to launch Closed Beta in Q3 2020, which will help players to enjoy Enjin integration completely as well as aid usage of their blockchain inventory in-game efficiently. The firms are adamant about bringing new and amazing features in the near future.

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