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Wheelchair-user Not Allowed to Board Bus as Designated Place was Already Occupied

A physically disabled man was not allowed to board the bus since the child buggy already occupied the designated place on the bus. Carer Garey Puckering and Andrew Scammel said that the bus driver of the Stagecoach denied to let both of them aboard the bus and chose to prioritize a family with a buggy who was standing before them. 

Scammel was really upset by the incident; it left him quite petrified about what happened. Scammel went back to the station to register a complaint against the bus driver. Stagecoach gave a confirmation that the driver should have found a way to accommodate Mr. Scammel.

An operations manager Paul Clark made an apology and gave a confirmation about the firm’s policy that wheelchair users are to be prioritized. The Stagecoach staff has been trained efficiently via a CPC program where a complete module is issued for Disability Discrimination and how the drivers should treat the passengers.

Wang Lin

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