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A Baby Weighing 1lb Fights the Odds to Make it to Her First Birthday

When Skyla Robertson was born, she weighed very less. She was born premature — 14 weeks early. Doctors said that there was not a major chance for her survival. 

Miraculously, Skyla completed a year despite suffering from heart disease and weighing lesser than normal weight. She still has a hole in her heart. Skyla’s parents are happy about how far they’ve come. When she came out she was still inside the sac which in itself is a rare thing to witness. 

Skyla had spent 118 days in a hospital and had undergone heart surgery after an early birth.  Skyla’s mother, Nicole said, “I almost cry every day knowing how lucky I am to have her here. I can’t believe how well she is today — she’s my miracle baby. She’s just perfect.” 

Wang Lin

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