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British origin ISIS fighter carried out fatal suicide bomb in Iraq

In a shocking incident, a British origin ISIS has carried out a gruesome suicide bomb attack in Iraq’s Ramadi. The area is in the control of jihadi.

Soon after the attack, a statement released by the ISIS claimed that fighter, namely Abu Omar al-Britani took part in two suicide bomb attacks that killed and wounded nearly 80 innocent people.

The attack took place as Iraqi Special Forces began a huge offensive in a bid to retake the ISIS-controlled city.

In the image, the fighter is seen dressed in a white thobe and sporting a gold watch on his wrist.

The picture is apparently captured in what appeared to be an office. The fighter is seen carrying a large knife, a hand grenade, and a pistol lying in front of him at the desk.

A second suicide bomber, namely Abu Qatiba al-Shami, was also used in the attack.

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