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Coinone Deploys Ankr Infrastructure for TRX Staking Initiative

Well-known Korean exchange Coinone has initiated its TRX staking initiative by deploying the Ankr Infrastructure. This was announced by Ankr today.

Users of Coinone now have the option to stake TRX tokens within the exchange. They will receive interest directly in their wallets once a month. Screenshots of the account balances will be taken on the 15th of every month, which will include the daily average used to calculate the rewards.

The real value of Ankr infrastructure for Coinone’s TRX staking initiative is that the process is very convenient, easy, and fully automated without any form of user intervention. If a user owns TRX on the exchange, he/she is automatically taken into the TRX staking program.

The partnership between Ankr and Coinone is not new. Instead, it goes back to 2019 when the COO of Ankr visited Korea and announced the listing of Ankr on some Korean exchanges. In the present context, the integration of TRON Super Representative infrastructure for Coinone’s platform is a classic example of the potential that can be unlocked by Ankr for any wallet, staking platform, or cryptocurrency exchange.

Why would a giant Korean exchange such as Coinone entrust the deployment of its TRX staking initiative on the Ankr Infrastructure?

It is primarily because of the optimized assistance provided by Ankr. The company presently supports over 40 Proof of Stake (PoS) protocols with automated management and smooth node deployment capabilities. Hence, those desirous of integrating and offering staking to their users, save significant DevOps time for each platform.

There are several aspects to Ankr that makes the company stand out in a crowd.

The Ankr global network of dependable and highly available infrastructure provides 100% uptime and assured reliability. They have a very transparent and affordable pricing model that provides 80% savings when compared to other cloud providers. Ankr runs DevOps work on Kubernetes-native deployment solution, thereby saving substantial time of the clients. The secure and non-custodial model assists customers to be in control of their crypto keys and assets.

What is critical is that clients get automated updates, monitoring, maintenance, and access to all Blockchain protocols. Their teams of experts are also stationed around the globe for instant service across various time zones.

It is thus natural that Coinone has put its trust in the Ankr infrastructure for their TRX staking initiative.

Albert Arroyo

Albert Arroyo is a lead news writer at CapitalBay.News. Albert has a penchant for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. He strongly believes that these innovations will alter the existing systems as we gear towards the fourth industrial revolution.

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