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Desperate Singles Allow Their Parents to Shortlist their Potential Partners

Many adults are going for the traditional option of letting their parents choose their life partner as modern dating options have left them frustrated, and the others are perhaps too busy for dating. TLC has come up with a new reality show named “Married by Mom and Dad,” where the children are asking their parents to come up with potential marriage partners before they finally make a choice. In the show, John Coultrip’s mother asks him the top attributes he is looking for in his partner besides being pretty as beauty becomes superficial eventually. Marivivc Febier, Christina Rollyson are few others who have passed this responsibility to their parents. The participants are based in different professions like Marivic is a nurse, Rollyson, a budding entrepreneur, but most of them are tired with the modern dating scene. Thus they have entrusted their parents with the task of handpicking the right partner with similar taste and attributes.

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